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Simple. We love the American Burger !

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We love Burgers

                      Founder, Rick McNeely

Rick is the founder of this holiday and a few more. The love of food drives him and crew to find the best tasting restaurants on the planet.

Nothing is more American than the hamburger ! Now, it's ours to celebrate and enjoy ! And, we need your help...... now LOL.

Help us find the BEST BURGER on the planet ! Can you do it  ?



Looking for the BEST Burger!

Let us know if you have any event ideas.

We would love to host in your restaurants.

We are going to visit  restaurants, food trucks, etc throughout the year. Tasting and sampling  those burgers. Certifications will be given for top tasty selections. Please look out for us , we're coming toa town near you  !

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Big Deal Burger


Big Deal Burger

Official hamburger of National Burger Day 2021 !  Rowlett TX.

Get yours today  !!!

PRESS Articles


Dec 5, 2020 we had a great event ! Salsa Joe's in Arlington TX put together the BIGGEST burger in Texas !  20 pounds !





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